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Studio Work

Compositional and Sound work

  • Sound FX
  • Techno
  • Melancholic pop
  • Orchestral
  • Orchestral Rock
  • Electronica
  • String Quartet
  • Electro-acoustic
  • Pop
  • Lightweight/soundtrack
  • New-age(ish)
  • Dark Rock
  • Fanfare
  • World
  • Dark Ambient
  • Industrial
  • Childrens
  • Indie

Download the full composition demoreel here

Corporate Work

Wholesale Cars Direct

Wholesale Cars wanted pumping music, prominent sound effects plus a new voiceover for their tv car ad.

Wholesale Cars Direct job thumbnail
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NASA - Scientific Conference

Involved writing, mixing and mastering music and sound fx for a 3D animation for display by NASA at their 2004 scientific convention. More info can be found at Fuzzy Realm's site, here.

NASA job thumbnail
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Trisynergy - Blackbeard's Revenge

Voiceovers were required for the narrator dialogue in this swashbuckling high seas adventure game.

Blackbeards Revenge thumbnail


A corporate presentation by Fuzzy Realms, for Arrowmight. Climactic music and sound effects added to the already impactful 3d visuals (involving an asteroid hurtling towards earth). Explosion sfx required fairly complex mixing.

Arrowmight presentation job thumbnail
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Sidhe Interactive - Frankie Dettori Racing

Working through Castles Music for Sidhe Interactive, this job involved studying horse racing commentary and devising a system for building on-the-fly commentary from audio fragments, finally recording fragment test sections.

Frankie Dettori racing job thumbnail

Rotorua Airport

Rotorua airport needed a soundtrack for this presentation to help convince potential investors to finance an international extension to the airport. I provided the sound fx and music for the project.

Arrowmight presentation job thumbnail
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Sidhe Interactive - Rugby League 2

Through Castles Music again: the job consisted of sound-cutting rugby commentator dialogue- trimming out pauses and bad takes, editing out clicks and pops.

Rugby League 2 job thumbnail

More samples from recent recordings can be heard at Soul Studios' Facebook page.